Product & Service Designer
Master of Design, AHO
Bachelor in Design & Innovation, DTU
Photo: Lasse Fløde
"Johan is a very special person to work with, in every positive understanding imaginable. He’s a highly creative, hard working, and visionary design thinker – with a significant understanding of both conceptual and mechanical design work."
- Balder Onarheim, CEO at PlatoScience
Designer & engineer with a go-getter-mentality and a passion for user research, prototyping and understanding complexity.
My education in engineering and design has enabled me to thrive in both the technical and creative aspects of a design process. Through my education and time as Product Design Engineer at Platoscience, I have gained experience in planning and executing design processes from concept development to Design For Manufacturing. 
I excel in immersing myself in new contexts and making the complex comprehensible. I map complex systems and create user journeys that visualise the context at hand, making it easily understandable to me and other actors in the system. This allows me to define touchpoints where an intervention can have the largest possible effect and co-develop the best solution. It's important to include the users in the entire design process to ensure that the final solution is welcomed and used by the user.