Master project,  AHO
Winner of The DOGA Award for Newcomers & AHO WORKS AWARDS Best Industrial Design sponsored by K8 Industridesign.
Home Again aims to save lives in the Norwegian fishing fleet by offering a better lifejacket for fishers.
Field observations among fishers in Lofoten found that lifejackets were not in use, in part because they don't fit the conditions onboard fishing vessels.  A lifejacket better suited to the conditions onboard was developed and a working prototype was tested with fishers in Lofoten, with positive reception.
Home Again is a lifejacket developed for fishers with focus on comfort, removing obstructions and using emotional incentives to nudge towards regular use. The result is a lifejacket that will not get caught in fishing equipment and in general is comfortable during all working operations on board. Home Again will help the user stay afloat and survive the first critical minutes of falling overboard, while alarming Search And Rescue and other boats of the emergency and position of the user.
Home Again features emotional design elements that nudge the user towards use. An example is the photo pocket inside the back, where you can keep a photo of loved ones. Only visible when not in use, this acts as a reminder of the reasons to wear the lifejacket. A reason to come Home Again.
The project tackles a problem in a tradition rich culture, that for a long time has experienced increasing legislation, creating an "us versus them"-mindset. By embedding myself in the culture and using a user-oriented design approach I manage to define the most urgent problem and create a solution that is welcomed by the fishers. Home Again is a textbook example of how user involvement in design create great solution.