2-person group project, 1st semester, master at AHO
The brief from ForaForm was to optimise packaging and transport of their Tind couch. The current solution delivers the couch fully assembled, resulting in the transportation of a lot of air, increasing the amount of CO² used to transport each couch. 
We designed 3-part solution: 
1. Optimised assembly
By changing the bolt holes, introducing a plug to hold the upholstery in place, and using a ball-nosed unbrako as the assembly tool, we made it a lot easier to assemble the Tind couch. 
2. Assembly guide
Based on rigorous user testing we created an assembly guide so the user assembles Tind couch on site. This allows ForaForm to transport Tind couch in 3 parts, saving up to 57% volume in transport. 
3. Better unboxing experience
To better the user experience, we changed the packaging to use as little cardboard as possible. The box unfolds easily to serve as an assembly area, and an inlay holds the assembly guide and bolts securely in one place.